How long does a concert last? About 2.5 hours, which includes an approximately 25-minute intermission.
When do the doors open? Approximately 45 minutes before the performance starts.
What forms of payment are accepted? Major credit cards are accepted for tickets purchased online. At the door we accept cash, personal check, and most major credit cards. Tickets purchased at our retail outlets require cash or check.
Do I need to bring my own music? We have approximately 200 copies of the score available at the door for loan. Although there are probably enough copies for everyone who might need one, this cannot be guaranteed. Thus, to avoid disappointment, it's best if you bring your own.
Do you charge for children? Children under 10 do not require a ticket when accompanied by a ticketed adult.
Where can I get a score of my own? We use the Schirmer's edition, but most other editions are close enough to be completely useful.
  • We have a limited number of unused Schirmer scores that we sell at the performance for $10 each. Inquire at the ticket desk when you arrive for the performace.
  • A few of the locally-owned bookstores will order a copy for you for about $15 a copy.
  • Many of the music stores in the Denver area carry a few copies of the score for sale.
  • Order a copy online --,, etc.
  • No time to find and buy a score??? Click here to print some or all of the choruses on your own printer or send to a place like Kinko's for printing
Is this concert appropriate for children? It depends upon how precocious the child is. In general, most children find the concert to be very grown-up in nature and therefore boring after just a few minutes of music. In general it is not something that most children can relate to, or appreciate, and therefore the safe answer is: "no." However, some children have an innate relationship with the music and do very well, but this type of child is very uncommon. Most infants do not do well at all in the sing-along environment and almost always become fidgety, and then upset, and then disturbing. We do not exclude children, per se, and leave the final decision to the respective adults involved. As a rule, though, this is for a 15-years and up age group.
Are people required to sing? No, not at all. Singing is optional. Thus, if you come with a friend and one of you wants to sing and the other one does not, that is just fine. You can come and simply listen if you want to.
Is there reserved seating? Not really. All seating is unassigned, and is therefore "general" in a sense. However, we do set aside a few pews in the front of the main-floor level which are segregated by voice-range (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass.) After that, the rest of the church is open seating and people can sit wherever they like in whatever grouping they care to make.
Does the audience sing-along on every piece? No, just on the choral parts. The arias and the recitatives are sung by our four professional soloists.
May I bring a musical instrument and play along with the orchestra? No. Firmly and empathically, but none the less politely, no!
How can I learn the choruses? You are invited and encouraged to join the chorale, which will give you lots of practice. An e-mail reminder will be sent out in August to remind chorale members of the start of a new practice season. To be included, send an e-mail. An invitation to the general public to join the chorale will also be put onto our Facebook page in August. If you are a Facebook user, visit and 'Like' our Facebook page so that you'll see this reminder in your Facebook newsfeed.

If you'd rather practice on your own, then have a look at our MP3 practice library.

Is there some way to reach someone in the organization if I have a question? Absolutely! Send an e-mail